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              Opening 4th May 2022 in Bridgend 

Visit Me at Record Fairs

Record fairs take place throughout the year in many locations across the UK. I am a regular attendee of these record fairs, and I try to visit as many as possible. While at record fairs, The intention at these fairs is to sell stock but I normally end up buying more record often for my own collection.

Records Fairs

Find Your Favourite Album

I have been collecting vinyl records for more than 40 years. My collection covers a diverse range of genres, including punk and grunge, classic rock, jazz and blues, folk, and Americana. Among this wide variety, you are sure to find an album from a band you love. 

Let Me Source your wish List, Why not send me your wish list so I can source your "wants" for you.

Please remember I have far more stock than is listed on my records for sale Tab , so please contact me about albums you are looking for.

Vinyl Records

We are always looking to buy good quality vinyl collections, CONTACT US for further info.

About Gareth Jones

Although the majority of modern albums are sold digitally or as CDs, there remains an old-fashioned charm about vinyl records. I’m Gareth Jones, a collector of vinyl records and the owner of Left Of The Dial Records. For more than 40 years, I have been collecting vinyls, and although I still purchase new records, I am now selling a large collection . Available at competitive prices, my records for sale cover various genres and will be delivered to you within the UK in three to five working days. Delivery is free for UK Mainland, International buyers welcome please call me for a quotation.